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Vedic Dicoveries


 This site is in which we list some of the most noteworthy archeological finds of the past few years that confirm the Vedic descriptions of world history. Other pages include new developments or research on the Sarasvati River, and Ayodhya and the temple of Lord Rama. There are also other papers that are included in which new developments or research are discussed. We will continue to update this information as new discoveries are developed, or as additional news is sent in to us. So if you learn of anything newsworthy in this regard, feel free to send it in to us but please send the news covered by Archeological team so we might include it on this page. 



Dr. Kenton Croler, Archeologist, American Institute of Archeologists.

Prof. B.B. Lal, Sr. Archeologist, ASI

Dr. Paula Reimer, Fellow Researcher, University of Washington

Dr. Mark Beech, Senior Resident Archaeologist,
Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey

Dr. Donald C. Johanson is one of the world's leading and America's best known paleoanthropologists

Julie Ernstein
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Meave Leakey, Archeologist

Dr. David Frawley

Osmund Bopearachchi, Director of Research, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris.

Zainuddin Dawood Ansari, Sr. Researcher, ASI

Professor Emeritus of Quaid-i-Azam University

Prof. Ehsan Yarshater

Dr. Madhukar Shripad Mate, ASI

E.J.Keall, Sr. Archeologist, Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto

Dr. Abdul-Moti Bayoumi  

Brinda Ramesh

Ashur Cherry, From the Britannia Encyclopedia

Professor Carlton Coon

Prof. Hans T. Bakker of the University of Groningen

Michel Cremo, Researcher of Ancient Archeology, Author of Forbidden Archaeology


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