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Origin of Life in Vedas

In the beginning, when there was no before. There was neither being nor Nonbeing, Neither space nor time, Not even the sky beyond. Neither death nor Non-death, no distinction between night and day. (Rig Veda-XIV-I-II)


No protection by anyone, only 'KRSN' The 'Supreme Self' in the absolute dark.  He thought: 'The worlds to be created will need guardians; shall I send forth guardians of the worlds? His Lower energy adopted form of Prajapati/Purusha/Manu/Brahma.He Breathed Heat and then there was The  Big Bang. (Rig Veda-XIV-III-IV)


Primordial sound in space reverberated for how long no one knows. Speech does not know, Who inspires speech? The broken silence had soothing impact. Slowly and slowly it all cooled down Galaxies were formed in the dark recesses a milky way crowned by Suns. Moons and Dead Planets appeared which were extracted from Suns and amidst this ordered chaos, there floated into being A tiny planet our earth. (Rig Veda XV-V1-VII-VIII)


The cosmic forces formed Cyclical patterns, Air, water and biospheres gave off heat and fumes. Life drew its components from these elements Galactic to subatomic order replicated itself. Life appeared on earth governed by one grand principle which embraces every living being. Insects, plants, animals and of course Man. Very terse poem written by the genes. As a  living organism the Universe came into existence. (Rig Veda XIV-VIII to XI)


From blazing Ardour, Cosmic order came riddled with Attribute of Krsn. From thence was born obscure light and the ocean with its billowing waves in the river of life. Everything is attuned to everything. Each part inheres the whole/ And the whole embraces the parts. All are connected in a very subtle way. All are a part, none is apart (Rig Veda XIV- XII to XIV)


From oceans were born seasons, Patterns emerged. The same life force pulsated in butterflies, Circles within circles swirled and blew apart. Rivers flowed into oceans and oceans misted into skies. The skies reached down to touch the earth and eternity could be glimpsed. In a grain of sand The universe danced. In the artifice of eternity and nobody can know. The dancer from the dance for all is governed by 'KRSN' or 'OM' the Controller of All.  (RigVeda XIV- XV to XIX)

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