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Dear Friends,
Lets us make one thing clear that we are not against Prophet Muhommad or Islam. First, according to Scholars(Both Muslim and Arya), the Koran is a bonafide Scripture and Mohammed is an authentic Prophet of Brahma. According to the Gaudiya Vaishnava conclusion, both the Koran and the Christian Bible are considered authentic Puranic scriptures because the conclusion of these scriptures is Love of God.

Second, neither Prophet Mohammed nor Lord Jesus Christ can be blamed for the abuse of their teachings by their so-called followers. This is common sense.

Third, Vedic Culture has been in a decline since approx 3,100 B.C. In fact, the decline was so rapid that God has to send Noble Arya Vikramditya to spread Vedic vision. In so doing, he saved the Vedas and Vedic Culture from being perverted beyond recognition by focusing on the substance of Vedic Culture rather than just its form, rules and regulations.

Zararastra,(spellings vary) also rebelled against the degraded Vedic culture, early on to the point that he called the Devas(Demigods)Devils, (thus the english word devil) and declared the Supreme God as Ahura Mazda or Asura Mazda. In Vedic Culture, the Asuras are the Demons.

So none can deny the fact that all through out Kali Yuga, Vedic Culture has had its dark times as well as its effulgent eras. Even in recent history, Great Vedic Spiritualists have been threatened with murder by socalled followers of Vedic culture for daring to preach concepts such as Spiritual equality and giving the Gayatri Mantra to lower castes and foreigners. I can present a whole list of great Vedic Indian Saints who are now universally respected, but during their lives they were constantly harrassed and threatened by the established heiarchy of their times. These incidents all took place within Mother India itself, so what to speak of places outside of India?!

Lets take Arabia, for example. The fact is, by the time of Mohammed, Arabia's Vedic civilization was so corrupted that puja(worship) and yajna (sacrifice) were nothing more than rituals and a source of income for priests. The common person was blind to the purpose for puja and yajna(PLEASING GOD, as confirmed by Lord Krsna in the GITA) and could not see past the multitude of idols and rituals.

Mohammed as a true Prophet of the Arya Ansector Brahma so is the part of Supreme Godhead, Sri Krishna, brought back the essence of puja and yajna by declaring "THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD!!!"

The very fact, that Mohammed smashed hundreds of idols yet reverently worshiped the large Shiva Linga Kabbah is proof of his intent to bring the worshippers back to the essence=DEVELOPMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL'S DEVOTION FOR GOD ON A PERSONAL BASIS AND THE CONCEPT OF SERVING GOD RATHER THAN TRYING TO GET GOD TO SERVE YOU.

Throughout history there are times when drastic action is required and God sends empowered Prophets in Maleech lands, such as Mohammed, to carry out this work. All the warlike and imperialistic conontations associated with Islam can not be blamed on Mohammed anymore than Jesus Christ can be blamed for British Subjagation of India.

We must all Remember the truth of Mohammed's true message. Mohammed said,"THE REAL HOLY WAR IS THE JIHAD WITHIN." Jesus said,"HEALER,HEAL THYSELF." Despite some of their followers,both are SAINTS!!!!!!!