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Vedic China

Excerpt from "The Rig Vedic Culture and the Indus Civilization"

China is one of the oldest countries in the world. During the period of Bharata War (Kuruksetra), Vagadatta of Pragyotispur joined the Kurus and we find that the Chinese people sided with Vagadatta, the king of Pragyotispur. It is also found that Vagadatta was present in Yudhisthiras court with many Kirat, Chin, and other soldiers. The connection between China and India was of a very ancient standing and we find in Todds Rajasthan that the genealogists of China and Tartary declare themselves to be the descendants of Ayu, son of the Arya king Pururava. The Chinese tell of a tradition in "Schuking" in which it is stated that the ancestors of the Chinese people came to China after crossing the high mountain ranges to the South. Further Lost Chinese History supports that King named Vikrama conqured all the parts of Modern China. He gave Chinese culture a new life which was lost due to internal conflicts.

Excerpt from "The Aryans: A Modern Myth"

In my book Indian origin of the Chinese Origin pt I & II (pages 700) I have spoke much of this topic trying to prove that the original Chin race of India dwelling in Kashmir, and several parts of South India colonized Shensi, a province of Central China and subsequently subjugated all other petty kingdoms and thus became the emperors of perhaps the one of the largest empire of the world. The whole story of their being so successful, and how they made the great Chinese nation has been narrated as best as I could. The name China and the Chinese were after the Chins of India and hence the scholars are unanimous about the Indian origin of the name of China. What I have done novel is that the Indian did not only name a great country but also created the Chinese nation.

Amitabh Pal is associate editor of the Progressive Media Project in Madison, Wis.

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